Next Generation Heavy-duty Rubber Suspension System


Suspension geometry is optimized to provide better site rating, increased capacity ranges and improved durability. Utilizing industry leading validation techniques, high strength materials, and advanced manufacturing methods, HAULMAAX® EX meets the increasing rigorous application demands by delivering the reliability and quality you’ve come to expect from Hendrickson, the leader in suspension technology.

HAULMAAX® EX features a unique spring design that balances empty-ride quality and loaded stability. Angled bolster springs and a unique progressive load spring provide exceptional stability for demanding applications such as refuse, concrete mixers and dump.


Model HMX EX 400 HMX EX 460 HMX EX 520
Installed Weight (lbs.) 855 864 9588
Suspension Rating (lbs.) 40,000 46,000 52,000
GVW Approval 2(lbs.) 83,000 88,000 93,000
GCW Approval (lbs.) 160,000 190,000 245,000
Job-Site Travel Rating (lbs.) 60,000 70,000 75,000
Diagonal Articulation 4(in.) 17 17 17
Lift Axles Approved Approved Approved
Ride Heights(in.) 9.5 - 13.25 9.5 - 13.25 9.5 - 13.25
Axle Spacing (in.) 52, 54 52 - 72.5 52, 54, 60
Shock Absorbers 7 Tractors, Logging Tractors, Logging Tractors, Logging


Hendrickson approves the use of HAULMAAX® EX in the following vocational truck applications: dump, concrete mixer, refuse, logging, crane / boom, platform and fire / rescue.

1. Installed weight includes complete suspension, torque rods, axle brackets and frame brackets; add 31 lbs. for shock absorbers.
2. Contact Hendrickson for applications that may exceed GVW approval ratings.
3. Job-site travel rating — operators using vehicles equipped with liftable pusher or tag axles must not exceed published ratings. Job-site ratings are limited to no more than five percent of vehicle operation at speeds not to exceed five mph. Liftable pusher or tag axles should only be raised (or unloaded) to improve vehicle maneuverability in job-site applications or when vehicle is empty. Job-site travel ratings are consistent with published axle manufacturer’s limitations. Axle and suspension job-site travel specifications must not be exceeded.
4. Suspension articulation may exceed vehicle’s capability and may be limited by vehicle manufacturer; vehicle manufacturer installed axle stops may restrict suspension’s articulation.
5. HAULMAAX EX ride height measurements are taken from the centerline of the axle to the bottom of the truck frame.
6. Contact Hendrickson for availability of beam lengths.
7. Shock absorbers are required in tractor and logging applications. Ride and traction may be improved in other applications with shock absorbers. Ride performance can be subjective and may be dependent on many factors beyond the suspension design such as cab suspension, road conditions, body / auxiliary equipment, frame specifications, etc. Contact Hendrickson or your truck manufacturer / dealer for further information.
8. 52K installed weight includes complete suspension, double rebound straps, longitudinal torque rods, Hendrickson TRAAX ROD™ transverse torque rods, axle brackets and frame brackets; add 31 lbs. for shock absorbers.

Technical literature available at on the website or contact Hendrickson at 855.743.3733.

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