HN® FR Series

Fire and Rescue Rubber Suspension 40-48K


Available exclusively to the fire and rescue industry, the HNĀ® FR suspension system utilizes a VariRateĀ® spring system to provide the perfect balance of empty ride quality and loaded stability. Its diagonally mounted rubber bolster springs act in compression and sheer to deliver superior ride quality by dissipating road shock, while its extra wide spring centers and auxiliary springs provide outstanding stability under challenging conditions.


Model HN 402FR HN 482FR
Suspension Weight1 (lbs.) 888 911
Suspension Rating2 (lbs.) 40,000 48,000
GVW Approval3 (lbs.) 73,000 80,000
Diagonal Articulation4 (in.) 17 17
Ride Heights (in.) 9.5, 10.5, 11.5,
13.25 and 15.5
9.5, 10.5, 11.5,
13.25 and 15.5
Axle Spacing (in.) 52, 54, 60, 72.5 54, 60, 72.5

1. Suspension weight includes complete suspension, as shown above, at 9.5-inch ride height and 54-inch axle spacing.

2. Capacity ratings approved for fire and rescue applications only.

3. Contact Hendrickson for applications that may exceed GVW approval ratings.

4. Suspension articulation may exceed vehicle's capability and may be limited by vehicle manufacturer; vehicle manufacturer installed axle stops may restrict suspension's articulation.

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