Parabolic and Multi-leaf Springs

Leaf Springs

With experience, expertise and vision, Hendrickson continues to redefine leaf spring and suspension engineering for commercial vehicle applications around the world. Hendrickson's innovations in exclusive manufacturing and materials technology have revolutionized leaf spring performance. This proprietary technology has allowed Hendrickson engineers to produce more efficient springs that reduce weight and improve ride performance and durability.

Features & Benefits

Parabolic Taper-leaf - Front

Front Parabolic Spring

Hendrickson is the leading manufacturer of parabolic taper-leaf springs, custom designed for a variety of applications. The parabolic taper springs are constructed using our proprietary process and materials.

Parabolic Taper-leaf - Rear

Rear Parabolic Spring

Hendrickson has revolutionized the design of rear heavy-section parabolic leaf springs for various vocational applications.


Multi-leaf Spring

Hendrickson designs and produces multi-leaf springs for a variety of demanding applications. Rugged yet efficient, the multi-leaf is subject to all of Hendrickson's stringent design and quality assurance standards.

About Us

Hendrickson is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium fire/rescue suspension components to global markets.

Our legacy embodies over 100 years as the leading innovator and manufacturer of suspension systems and components for the global heavy-duty vehicle industry.

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