Steel Leaf Spring Suspensions


RT™ Series is a durable steel spring suspension with a legacy of over 85 years of reliability in the most severe applications. Hendrickson-designed springs provide a consistent spring rate for longer life as the equalizing beams distribute load equally between both axles for improved traction


Model Capacity Installed1 Weight Site Travel2 Rating GVW GCW
RT 343 (lbs.) 34,000 1,199 46,000 60,000 125,000
RT 403 (lbs.) 40,000 1,207 55,000 73,000 160,000
RT 463 (lbs.) 46,000 1,301 60,000 80,000 190,000
RT 503 (lbs.) 50,000 1,418 65,000 80,000 225,000
RT 523 (lbs.) 52,000 1,443 65,000 80,000 245,000
RT 650 (lbs.) 65,000 See 3 See 3 See 3 See 3

1. Installed weight is for 54-inch axle spacing and includes suspension, torque rods, axle brackets, and frame brackets.

Site Travel Rating—Operations using vehicles equipped with liftable tag or pusher axles must not exceed published ratings. Ratings are limited to no more than five percent of vehicle operation at a speed not to exceed five mph. Liftable pusher or tag axles should only be raised (or unloaded) to improve vehicle maneuverability in off-road use or when vehicle is empty. Site travel ratings are consistent with published axle manufacturer's limitations. Axle and suspension site travel specifications must not be exceeded.

3. Contact HENDRICKSON Engineering.

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