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Hendrickson Defense’s HAULMAAX® is a premium rubber suspension designed for vocational applications where durability, lightweight and driver comfort are essential. HAULMAAX's innovative low-maintenance design utilizes rubber bolster springs coupled with progressive load springs that provide a superior combination of empty ride quality and loaded stability. The lightweight design offers up to 690 lbs. of weight savings versus competitive vocational rear tandem suspension. In addition, up to 17 inches of diagonal articulation help keep the axle in traction for superb off-road mobility.


Model HMX 400 HMX 460
Intalled Weight 1 (lbs.) 855 861
Suspension Rating (lbs.) 40,000 46,000
GVW Approval 2(lbs.) 73,000 80,000
GCW Approval (lbs.) 160,000 190,000
Site Travel Rating 3 (lbs.) 55,000 60,000
Diagonal Articulation 4(in.) 17 17
Lift Axles Approved Approved
Ride Heights (in.) 9.5, 10.5,11.5,13.25, 15.5 9.5, 10.5,11.5,13.25, 15.5
Axle Spacing 5 (in.) 52, 54, 60, 72.5 52, 54, 60, 72.5
Shock Absorbers 6 Tractors, Logging Tractors, Logging

Hendrickson approves the use of HAULMAAX in the following vocational truck applications: dump, concrete mixer, refuse, logging, crane / boom, platform and fire / rescue. All such applications must comply with applicable Hendrickson specifications and must also be approved by the respective vehicle manufacturer with the vehicle in its original, as-built configuration. Contact Hendrickson and the respective vehicle manufacturer for approval of additional applications

1. Installed weight consist of torque rods, axle brackets, frame brackets; add 31 lbs. for shock absorbers.

2. Contact Hendrickson for applications that may exceed GVW approval ratings.

3. Operators using vehicles equipped with lift pusher or tag axles must not exceed published ratings. Ratings are limited to no more than 5% of vehicle's operation at speeds not to exceed 5 mph. Lift pusher or tag axles should only be raised to improve vehicle maneuverability during off-road operation when the vehicle is not loaded. Site travel ratings are consistent with published axle manufacturer's limitations. Axle and suspension travel ratings must not exceed specifications.

4. Suspension articulation may exceed vehicle's capability and may be limited by truck manufacturer. Truck manufacturer's axles stops may restrict the suspension articulation.

5. Contact Hendrickson for availability of beam lengths.

6. Shock absorbers are recommended in tractor and logging applications.

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