Integrated Front Air Suspension and Steer Axle System


AIRTEK's unique design provides stability, improved ride and comfort, and reduced maintenance over standard suspensions for applications rated between 12,000-14,600 pounds. AIRTEK®, combined with STEERTEK axle, forms a torsion system to increase roll stability helping to improve handling and control. STEERTEK is also available with mechanical steel leaf springs.


Model Rating
(lbs.) 1
Axle Axle
Rating (lbs.)
Drop 2 
Weight (lbs.)3
AIRTEK 12,000
200 STK 12,000
4.25" 69.00" 319
5.36" 69.00" 320
4.25" 70.87" 322
5.36" 70.87" 323
AIRTEK 12,500 238 STK 12,500 4.25" / 5.36" 70.87" 322 / 323
AIRTEK 13,200 246 STK 13,200 4.25" / 5.36" 70.87" 357/359
AIRTEK 14,600 246 STK
14,600 4.25" 69.00" / 70.87" 354/357
AIRTEK 14,600 246 STK 14,600 5.36" 70.87" 359

AIRTEK is approved for on-highway usage with up to 15 percent operation on unpaved secondary roads. Other applications must be pre-approved by both Hendrickson and vehicle manufacturer. AIRTEK is integral to and available exclusively with the STEERTEK (STK) axle. STEERTEK  fabricated axles can be used in applications that are up to 100 percent off road. Contact Hendrickson for approval and guidelines on any application that exceeds 10 percent off road usage. This system is anti­lock braking system (ABS) ready. STEERTEK is compatible with industry standard wheel ends and brakes. Unitized hubs are available. STEERTEK is also available with mechanical suspension options. Contact Hendrickson or vehicle manufacturer for availability.

1. Suspension weight includes frame hangers, main springs, bushings, airbags springs and attachments, height control system, shock absorbers, upper shock brackets and axle clamp group. Weight may vary depending on vehicle. Contact Hendrickson or vehicle manufacturer for final weight.

2. Axle beam drop is measured from the kingpin intersection to the top of the leaf spring seat.

3. Axle weight includes the axle beam, knuckle / steering arm assemblies and tie rod assemblies.


Features & Benefits

Driver Comfort

  • Air springs support the majority of the vehicle load while providing low spring rate and extremely soft ride.
  • Premium shock absorbers are tuned specifically for AIRTEK.

Stability and Handling

  • Integrated design allows optimized steering geometry for reduced bump steer and wheel kick.
  • The rigid front leaf spring attaches securely to the box section axle, forming a torsion system for enhanced roll stability.
  • AIRTEK and STEERTEK deliver up to 55° wheel cut for improved maneuverability.
  • Height control valve maintains constant ride height.

Maintenance and Durability

  • Maintenance free bushings and the two piece knuckle reduce overall system maintenance.
  • Air springs reduce vibration to cab, chassis, and engine components.
  • Available OEM unitized hubs for extended wheel bearing life.


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