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For over 100 years, Hendrickson has been a leading global manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty and medium-duty mechanical, elastomeric and air suspensions.


Hendrickson’s Innovation Built In™ philosophy drives next-generation technology for suspension systems and components that integrate with emerging intelligent vehicles in the heavy-duty and medium-duty trucking industry.


By working closely with fleets and commercial truck and trailer manufacturers around the globe, Hendrickson continues to advance new product development and support the industry’s expanding requirements.


With longevity and knowledge of the trucking industry, Hendrickson focuses on developing ride solutions that are engineered towards durability, weight savings and lower maintenance costs.


All suspension products are put through rigorous testing both in the Hendrickson state of the art test lab as well as test tracks to ensure optimal performance in the most extreme environments.


Hendrickson supports our products through extensive technical support and training services to help ensure the proper installation, operation, service and maintenance of Hendrickson equipment and aftermarket components.

Fire Suspension Testing Over the past 100 years, Hendrickson has led the industry with breakthrough suspension designs and strong manufacturing expertise along with rigorous testing and analysis techniques. Our products are designed to meet the most stringent durability requirements while outpacing the competition in the areas of ride quality, handling performance and stability. Our goal is to position Hendrickson as an extension of our customers engineering and product development team, leveraging our technical expertise to execute vehicle integration projects and to bring customized solutions for specific applications.

During the design creation phase, Hendrickson uses the most advanced engineering software to model specific components, identify stress points and simulate suspension performance in different application environments and load conditions. As the design matures our sophisticated in-house research and development facility, featuring numerous test rigs designed to simulate real-world scenarios, is utilized to ensure that reliability, performance and quality objectives are met before design freeze. Once a suitable design has been created, track testing commences and final design refinement occurs as the product endures tests that emulate real world conditions and are correlated to industry standard test like the Altoona test.

Moving forward Hendrickson will continue to invest in most advanced testing and validation tools to bring even more value to our OEM customers; achieving shortened development timelines, lowering development costs and improving overall vehicle performance. Contact Hendrickson to learn more about how our technical team, dedicated solely to serving our customers, can bring value to your organization.

Our strong manufacturing expertise and rigorous testing delivers durability and quality service you rely on.

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Hendrickson is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium bus chassis components to global bus markets.

Our legacy embodies over 100 years as the leading innovator and manufacturer of suspension systems and components for the global transportation industry.

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