Front Air Suspension


With 100% of load carried on heavy-duty air springs, PARASTEER provides premium passenger and driver comfort, exceptional stability and handling, and low maintenance. Compatible with both front and rear-engine school and commercial buses, PARASTEER’s simplicity of design and heavy-duty bushings eliminate lubrication requirements and provide exceptional durability.


Model Capacity
Installed1 Weight
Wheel Cut
PARASTEER 14,600 525 Determined by Axle Manufacturers

1. Installed weight includes suspension, torque rods, axle brackets, and frame brackets.

Features & Benefits

Premium Ride

Exceptional Stability and Handling

Low Maintenance


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Hendrickson is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium bus chassis components to global bus markets.

Our legacy embodies over 100 years as the leading innovator and manufacturer of suspension systems and components for the global transportation industry.

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