HTB 210

Lightweight, Non-torque Reactive Rear Air Suspension


Hendrickson's lightweight, non-torque reactive HTB® rear air suspension system combines superior ride and stability with reduced weight and scheduled maintenance. The parallelogram design controls suspension windup and corresponding frame rise, while reducing suspension induced driveline vibration for extended driveline component life and passenger comfort.


Model HTB 2101,2 Drive Tag3

HTB 2101,2 Mid Engine

HTB 2101,2 Rear Engine

Capacity (lbs.) 21,000 21,000 21,000
Installed Weight (lbs.) 333 371 370
Off-highway Rating 10% 10% 10%
Axle Configuration Single Single Single
GVW (lbs.)
55,000 55,000 55,000
GCW (lbs.) Approval 120,000 120,000 120,000
Ride Heights 8.5" 8.5" 8.5"
Axle Spacing  48" N/A N/A

1. Actual product performance may vary depending upon vehicle configuration, operation, service and other factors. All applications must comply with applicable Hendrickson specifications and must also be approved by the respective vehicle manufacturer with the vehicle in its original, as-built configuration. Contact Hendrickson and the respective vehicle manufacturer for approval of additional applications.

2. Availability of the HTB air system may be limited to specific chassis manufacturers for truck applications.

3 Does not include Auxiliary Axle Drive Tag.

Features & Benefits

Superior Ride

Exceptional Stability

 Reduced Weight

Non-torque Reactive System

*Based on comparison between HTB tandem 40K system and other industry-standard tandem 40,000 lb. suspensions.

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