Front Air Suspension


Designed with the passenger and driver in mind, AIRTEK Midi Bus delivers outstanding comfort along with exceptional handling characteristics for bus applications.

Features & Benefits

Superior Ride

  • Air springs support the majority of the vehicle load while providing low spring rate and extremely soft ride
  • Unique air springs support a majority of the load to provide a low spring rate and improved ride
  • Shocks are tuned for optimum damping characteristics to provide maximum driving comfort
  • Air springs adjust to changing load conditions to deliver superb ride quality

Exceptional Stability and Handling

  • Longitudinal torque rod maintains constant castor angle providing enhanced steering behavior
  • Optimized geometry reduces bump and brake steer for improved handling

Reduced Maintenance

  • Wide footprint of the front frame hanger bracket distributes load over a larger area for reduced frame stress.
  • Rubber bushings provide quiet operation and extended service life.
  • Internal bump stop in the air spring eliminates the need for an external bump stop, reducing service parts