Leading the Industry


Since 2006, THSL has led the industry with strong technical knowhow of Indian terrain and ability to configure the global products to suit Indian operating conditions. THSL also developed in-house testing capabilities to replicate field failures on test benches and thus help to improvise the product to suit the changing needs of the industry.


THSL was instrumental in bringing in innovative suspension solutions to Indian Commercial Vehicle industry. Lift Axle suspension is the game changer that THSL has brought into India when 8x2 truck segment has opened in India. Later THSL has contributed for development of 10x2 truck segment by extending use of this lift axle suspension in tag position. Later THSL has reduced the variety by introducing modular design and commonised major components between pusher and tag positions. THSL has also brought world class rubber Tandem Axle suspension for Heavy duty rubber suspension with enhanced reliability, durability and low maintenance for Heavy duty tippers, Haulage trucks and Haulage tractors.


THSL design center is a DSIR certified facility with in house testing facilities and world class analyzing techniques. THSL adopts the model of collecting extensive Road Load Data (RLD) through field testing of the suspension systems. THSL also has access to global RLD library of Hendrickson which has more than a century exposure to global industry. This RLD is utilized in validating the components/ kits on test rigs and also to carry out FEA of the components/ systems under development.


Lowering development costs and improving overall vehicle performance.

  • Conceptualizing the product
  • Detail Design
  • Virtual packaging study & optimum fitment solutions
  • Digital Mock Up study
  • Articulation study
  • Digital manufacturability Study
  • Digital Serviceability study


Stronger validation expertise along with rigorous testing and analytical techniques.

  • Capability to acquire real time field data (RLD)
  • Capability to analyse RLD and convert it to design & testing inputs
  • Capability to test matching real time requirements as per Design Validation Plan
  • Innovate new testing methods to reproduce field failure modes
  • Capability for multi axis testing
  • Move from component testing to system level testing.
  • Use field data to improve DFMEA & DVP documents
  • Field testing and validation at different parts of Country


THSL believes that educating the vehicle users in right methods of usage enhances the product life and performance. To support this THSL conducts customer clinics at periodical intervals among the end user like mechanics, drivers. THSL’s motive is to improve the maintenance practices and impart right methods of handling repairs. THSL also uses this forum to understand application specific performance aspects. This data is used to improve product or manufacturing practice or maintenance practices.