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Air Controls

Hendrickson offers a variety of manual and automatic controls to exhaust air suspensions, various air and electric-over-air liftable controls, as well as height control and pressure protection valves. Our engineering staff includes personnel with ...Read More

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Air Springs

Air springs ensure that an air suspension is consistently operating at the correct ride height. Hendrickson uses proprietary air springs designed and tested to deliver optimal performance on our suspension systems in specific applications. Variati...Read More

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Axle/Beam Weldment

Hendrickson's HALFTRAAX™ axle line is a fully integrated axle/beam/brake system used when replacement axles are needed on your INTRAAX® or VANTRAAX® system. Available undressed or fully dressed with one of Hendrickson's Ready-To-Rol...Read More

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Beam Assemblies

Beam assemblies are the load carrying structures that pivot at the frame brackets and connect to the axle tube and air springs. Available in top-mount and underslung configurations to fit your application requirements, Hendrickson beam assemblies...Read More

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Brake Kits

Hendrickson brake components are designed to provide superior stopping power. With linings available in a variety of brake sizes, Hendrickson's proprietary brake geometry is designed for less S-cam windup and greater brake efficiency. Hendricks...Read More

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Cam Tube

Cam Tubes are designed to enclose and protect the S-cams on air suspensions. The first in the industry, Hendrickson’s Cam Tube System™ extends life of brake components, improves brake responsiveness and reduces maintenance costs by loc...Read More

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Frame Brackets

Frame brackets are the load carrying structures that bolt or weld to the trailer frame and attach the beam assemblies at the pivot connection. Available in a variety of configurations to fit virtually any application requirement, Hendrickson fram...Read More

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Height Control Valves

Height control valves manage air flow to the suspension's air springs to maintain consistent ride height. Using an Advanced Shear-Seal ® design to ensure accurate air flow, Hendrickson Height Control Valves (HCV) deliver superior perf...Read More

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Pivot Bolt

Pivot bolts attach the beam assemblies to the frame brackets at the pivot connection. Hendrickson's QUIK-ALIGN® pivot connection uses a specially designed shear-type bolt combined with eccentric and concentric alignment collars to adjust ax...Read More

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Pivot Bushing

Contained inside the beam with sufficient compression to flex but not rotate, Hendrickson's patented TRI-FUNCTIONAL bushings provide the optimum balance of ride stability, smoothness and control. The void design and material composition of our...Read More

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QUIK-DRAW® is the industry's only fully pneumatic pin release system for slider repositioning. When activated, QUIK-DRAW draws from the trailer's air supply and applies continuous pressure until the pins release, reducing repositioning to a o...Read More

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Replacement Slider Boxes

Hendrickson's AMBOX™ is the replacement slider box with hangers for our VANTRAAX® and HK™ Series Slider series suspensions. Built to order according to the original specification of your slider system, AMBOX comes standard with...Read More

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Shocks help limit the downward travel of air suspensions. Hendrickson uses shocks with specific strokes, seal designs, bore diameters and damping characteristics which enhance the performance of other suspension components and minimize the stress ...Read More

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SURELOK features locking legs, known as the ride height lock assembly, that engage with the suspension beam to maintain ride height when the trailer is being loaded or unloaded. Since the trailer is rigidly supported by the locking legs, dock-walk...Read More

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Hendrickson offers a series of installation tools for Hendrickson's QUIK-ALIGN® pivot connection components. Sockets are used during assembly or axle alignment to quickly achieve the required torque and clamping force required to properly ti...Read More

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Under Beam Lift Kits

Lift kits are air-operated mechanisms that raise axles off the ground. Hendrickson's Under Beam Lift™ Kits offer operational flexibility, extend tire life, improve trailer maneuverability and allow vehicles to carry more payload. Availab...Read More

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