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AIRTEK NXT Integrated Front Air Suspension and Steer Axle System

In the spirit of innovation, Hendrickson has developed the AIRTEK® NXT next generation air suspension system. AIRTEK NXT combines the STEERTEK™ NXT axle and air suspension technology with an advanced lightweight integrated clamp group de...Read More

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SOFTEK NXT Integrated Monoleaf Suspension and Steer Axle System

Hendrickson’s SOFTEK® NXT system combines the STEERTEK™ NXT axle and monoleaf spring technology with an advanced integrated clamp group design and is now available with Integrated Air Disc Brake (IADB) knuckles for greater weight s...Read More

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OPTIMAAX® Liftable Forward Tandem Axle and Suspension System

Hendrickson’s OPTIMAAX® system is a revolutionary 6×2 solution to help fleets save fuel cost, tire wear and weight with comparable handling to 6×4 tandem axle configurations. Operating as a liftable axle in the forward tandem...Read More

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STEERTEK NXT Fabricated Front Steer Axle

Designed as the platform for both Hendrickson’s next generation and OEM proprietary front suspension systems, STEERTEK™ NXT provides greater reliability, innovation, weight savings, and is a durable, lightweight alternative to traditio...Read More

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AIRTEK® Integrated Front Air Suspension and Steer Axle System

Save up to 97 pounds with AIRTEK. With a unique design that provides increased stability, improved ride and comfort, and reduced maintenance, AIRTEK is the industry’s first front air suspension and steer axle system. Combined with Hendrickso...Read More

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SOFTEK® Integrated monoleaf suspension and steer axle system

SOFTEK® is an integrated front suspension and robotically welded steer axle that work together to form an integrated torsion system. This lightweight system delivers enhanced ride, stability and handling characteristics while reducing weight a...Read More

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COMFORT AIR 40K 40K On-Highway Rear Air Suspension

Designed with the passenger and driver in mind, 40K COMFORT AIR® delivers outstanding comfort along with exceptional handling characteristics for Class 8 vehicles.

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HAS™ Single-Axle
HAS™ Single-Axle Single-Axle Rear Air Suspension

The durable construction of Hendrickson's HAS™ rear air suspension improves handling characteristics and reduces scheduled maintenance. Large-volume air springs and premium shocks absorbers provide a softer ride and greater protection fr...Read More

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HAS™ Tandem-Axle
HAS™ Tandem-Axle Tandem-Axle

Hendrickson’s HAS™ 40K/46K air suspensions provide excellent on- and off-highway performance, ride quality, and cargo protection. Both HAS 40K and HAS 46K are approved for use with lift axles and up to 25 percent off-highway operation....Read More

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HTB® LT Lightweight Non-torque Reactive Rear Air Suspension

Weighing up to 275 pounds less than a typical 40,000-pound capacity suspension, Hendrickson's HTB® LT sets a new weight standard for drive-axle suspensions. The patented, non-torque reactive design helps deliver quiet, smooth op...Read More

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