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HAS™ Tandem-Axle


Hendrickson’s HAS™ 40K/46K air suspensions provide excellent on- and off-highway performance, ride quality, and cargo protection. Both HAS 40K and HAS 46K are approved for use with lift axles and up to 25 percent off-highway operation. In addition, the HAS family of suspensions is available with optional EDGE System to help reduce driveline vibration.


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Driver Comfort

  • Large volume air springs and heavy-duty shock absorbers deliver superior ride quality

Stability and Handling

  • Cross channels enhance lateral load distribution to axle connection and reduce maintenance requirements
  • Heavy-duty torque rods ensure maximum life and lateral stability


  • Heavy-duty main support members designed and manufactured by Hendrickson for outstanding durability
  • Optional EDGE System promotes Efficient Driveline Geometry to extend key drivetrain component life
  • Designed for up to 25 percent off-highway operation (10 percent for HAS 40K)

Reduced Maintenance

  • Drop-in shims make axle alignment fast and easy

Multiple Applications

  • Optional inboard shocks improve clearance for spreader applications
  • HAS 402/460 approved for use with one lift axle