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Dayton Composites Plant
Automotive Composite Springs
Automotive Composite Springs Automotive

Hendrickson composite springs for the passenger and light truck segments enjoy many unique benefits over steel suspension systems. Chief among them are weight reduction for improved range,  improved ride and comfort versus steel spr...Read More

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Trailer Composite Springs
Trailer Composite Springs Trailer

With the engineered precision of Hendrickson composite trailer springs, manufacturers, fleet managers and owner-operators alike appreciate an improved ride and reduction in weight, decreased maintenance and increased load capacity. They ...Read More

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Medium-Duty Composite Springs
Medium-Duty Composite Springs Medium-Duty

Hendrickson composite transverse springs create space by reducing traditional suspension towers, reduce weight with composite materials and require smaller/lighter support structures, like stabilizer bars. The result is less weight and increa...Read More

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Heavy-Duty Class 8 Composite Springs
Heavy-Duty Class 8 Composite Springs Heavy-Duty/Class 8

Hendrickson composite springs are up to 50% – 75% lighter than traditional springs and help improve fuel economy and payload capacity. They are corrosion and sag resistant, maintain ride height and provide improved vibration and harshne...Read More

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