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VANTRAAX® Slider Systems
VANTRAAX® Slider Systems Integrated Slider Suspension Systems

VANTRAAX®, developed to serve the needs of dry freight, refrigerated and specialty van trailers, combines our superior K-2® slider box technology with our patented INTRAAX® — the integrated suspension/axle/brake system recognized...Read More

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The ultimate system for weight-conscious haulers running straight-frame platforms, container chassis, liquid tankers, grain hoppers, bottom dumps and livestock trailers. The INTRAAX AANT 23K boasts a capacity of 23,000 pounds in ride heights from ...Read More

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INTRAAX AAT AAT 23K/25K/30K Top Mount

Worldwide, OEMs, fleets and owner operators put their trust in INTRAAX®. INTRAAX continues to prove its reliability and performance, piling up thousands of miles on tens of thousands of trailers worldwide every year. With a reputation for low ...Read More

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INTRAAX AANL AANL 23K Low-Ride Height-Liftable

Hendrickson trimmed an average of 75 pounds from the low-ride liftable integrated suspension-axle-brake system already known throughout the industry for its lightweight and reliable performance. The INTRAAX® AANL 23K comes standard with the la...Read More

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INTRAAX® AANLS Short-Beam AANLS 20K Low-Ride Height Short-Beam

The AANLS 20K extends all of the durability, low maintenance and low weight advantages of INTRAAX® to trailers requiring a highly compact, low ride height suspension system. Designed for performance on autohaulers, moving vans, drop-frames, hi...Read More

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INTRAAX® AAL AAL 23K/25K/30K Low-Ride Height/Liftable

INTRAAX brings durability and weight savings to low-ride and liftable applications. Designed for performance on platforms, dumps, drop-decks, lowboys, tankers, B-trains, livestock and specialty trailers.

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INTRAAX® SP AAZ Platform Slider Systems
INTRAAX® SP AAZ Platform Slider Systems Platform Slider Systems

INTRAAX SP AAZ platform slider combines a smooth-sliding "z-rail" profile box and the road-proven INTRAAX® suspension system, extending the benefits of advanced integrated technology to the platform slider market. The AAZ also provid...Read More

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INTRAAX® Extreme Duty
INTRAAX® Extreme Duty AAEDT 30K/AAEDL 30K Extreme Duty

To meet the grueling demands of logging, forestry, mining and construction operations, Hendrickson designed the INTRAAX Extreme-Duty (ED) system. Available in both top-mount and low ride height/liftable models, this INTRAAX system delivers the fir...Read More

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HT Series-Top Mount
HT Series-Top Mount Top Mount

With hundreds of thousands of HT SERIES suspensions on trailers running on- and off-road around the world, these models have been the suspensions of choice for virtually every trailer application for nearly a decade. The HT SERIES delivers rugged ...Read More

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HK Slider Series
HK Slider Series

The HK™ SERIES combines our HT™ SERIES suspensions with the superior K-2® slider box, resulting in a sliding tandem system that is ideal for a variety of applications.

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TRLAXLE Hendrickson Trailer Axle

In addition to our integrated axle and suspension products such as INTRAAX® and VANTRAAX® that dominate the NAFTA market, Hendrickson now offers a full line of non-integrated trailer axles for the global commercial and industrial markets.<...Read More

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HCA® Hendrickson Chassis Axle
HCA® Hendrickson Chassis Axle Hendrickson Chassis Axle

The Hendrickson Chassis Axle® (HCA®) is the latest addition to our full line of industry-standard, low-maintenance axles. A superb choice for intermodal chassis applications, HCA supplies a one-piece axle bar with hot-formed spindles.

...Read More

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TIREMAAX® Tire Pressure Control System

TIREMAAX PRO, an advanced automatic tire pressure control system for the trailer industry that is capable of actively inflating or relieving the tires to a preset pressure level. Its straightforward mechanical design balances tire pressure at ever...Read More

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RTR® Ready To Roll
RTR® Ready To Roll HXL3® , HXL5® and HXL7® Ready-To-Roll® Wheel-end Components

For fully integrated solutions that minimize operating costs and improve performance,  specify a Hendrickson Ready-To-Roll® (RTR®) wheel-end package. Available on all INTRAAX® and VANTRAAX® integrated suspension systems and TR...Read More

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QUIK-DRAW Pneumatic Pin-Pull Mechanism

QUIK-DRAW® makes true fingertip slider pin release a reality.

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Height Control Valve
Height Control Valve

Hendrickson's non-delay Height Control Valve delivers twice the airflow of comparable sized valves for quicker air up, better response after dump and faster exhaust delivering greater stability during loading and unloading. The tuned dead band and...Read More

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SURELOK® Ride Height Lock Mechanism

Hendrickson offers a variety of solutions to your loading dock concerns. For trailer drop, the Hendrickson solution is SURELOK. 

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UBL™ Under Beam Lift
UBL™ Under Beam Lift Under Beam Lift

The lightest lift axle system for trailers using INTRAAX.

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