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Vocational STEERTEK NXT High Capacity Fabricated Front Steer Axle System

Hendrickson’s STEERTEK™ NXT front steer axle and integrated suspension are optimized to deliver maximum performance as a complete system solution. The fabricated STEERTEK NXT design integrates lightweight axle durability with advanced ...Read More

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HAULMAAX® EX Next Generation Heavy-duty Rubber Suspension

The HAULMAAX EX suspension geometry is optimized to provide better site rating, increased capacity ranges and improved durability. Utilizing industry leading validation techniques, high strength materials, and advanced manufacturing methods, HAULM...Read More

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HAULMAAX® Heavy-duty Rubber Suspension

Hendrickson’s HAULMAAX® is a premium rubber suspension designed for vocational applications where durability, lightweight and driver comfort are essential. HAULMAAX's innovative low-maintenance design utilizes rubber bolster springs ...Read More

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PRIMAAX® EX Severe-duty Vocational Air Suspension

With its rugged, weight efficient design, PRIMAAX® EX is a severe-duty vocational air suspension that delivers advanced suspension technology for the rigorous demands of vocational, severe-service, and heavy-haul applications. The system featu...Read More

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ULTIMAAX® Advanced Severe-duty Rubber Suspension

In addition to its excellent durability, ULTIMAAX® delivers enhanced stability, handling and ride quality even in the most severe-duty environments where vehicles encounter harsh and unexpected ground conditions. The integration of Hendrickson...Read More

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COMFORT AIR 46K Rear Air Suspension - Vocational 46K

Designed with the passenger and driver in mind, 46K COMFORT AIR® delivers outstanding comfort along with exceptional handling characteristics for Class 8 vehicles.

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HAS™ Tandem-Axle Vocational
HAS™ Tandem-Axle Vocational Light-duty Vocational Air Suspension (HAS 40K/46K)

Hendrickson’s HAS™ 40K/46K air suspensions provide excellent on- and off-highway performance, ride quality, and cargo protection. Both HAS 40K and HAS 46K are approved for use with lift axles and up to 25 percent off-highway operation....Read More

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RT/RTE Steel Leaf Spring Rear Suspension

RT™/RTE™ is a durable steel spring suspension with a legacy of over 90 years of reliability in the most severe applications. Hendrickson-designed springs provide a consistent spring rate for longer life as the equalizing beams distribu...Read More

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HN® VariRate® Spring System

The HN® is designed to reduce weight and improve ride quality without sacrificing durability and stability in vocational applications. The VariRate® Spring System provides a unique balance between unloaded ride quality and loaded stability...Read More

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R / RS
R / RS Solid Mount Rear Suspension

The R™ rear suspension solid mount is an extra heavy-duty suspension used in severe service applications where maximum roll stability is essential.

The RS™ rear suspension with specially formulated rubber load cushions, ...Read More

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PARASTEER HD Vocational Front Air Suspension

Designed for single, dual and tri-steer applications, the Hendrickson PARASTEER HD front air system is built to meet the demands of a variety of vocational and construction applications including concrete, crane, oil field, tank and other specialt...Read More

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AR2™ Air Over Walking Beam Suspension

AR2™ delivers a better ride, longer life, and lighter weight for more payload capacity, improved durability for less downtime, high articulation capabilities for on/off road applications and designed and manufactured components that deliver ...Read More

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