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Lightweight Non-torque Reactive Rear Air Suspension

Weighing up to 275 pounds less than a typical 40,000-pound capacity suspension, Hendrickson's HTB® LT sets a new weight standard for drive-axle suspensions. The patented, non-torque reactive design helps deliver quiet, smooth operation with today’s high-torque engines without any torque restrictions. By controlling suspension windup and frame rise, HTB LT helps maximize the life of U-joints, pinion bearings, and other driveline components. Unlike other suspensions that carry the vertical load on a combination of steel and air springs, HTB LT rides on a full cushion of air. This unique design delivers exceptional ride, outstanding durability and reduced maintenance - factors that are important to owners and operators alike.


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Lightest in Class

  • Unique design and components make HTB LT reliable and rugged, as well as the lightest suspension in its class. Weighing just 700 pounds, HTB LT saves up to 275 pounds compared to industry standard 40,000-pound capacity suspensions.

Optimized Ride

  • HTB LT improves ride by as much as 34 percent over typical trailing-arm suspensions by supporting the entire load on large volume air springs. HTB LT also has a highly optimized motion ratio since the air spring and axle travel at the same rate.

Non-torque Reactive

  • HTB LT’s parallelogram design significantly controls suspension windup and corresponding frame rise. Maintaining pinion angles throughout axle travel reduces suspension induced driveline vibration and extends component life.

Reduced Maintenance

  • Zero Lubrication — all pivot points come equipped with premium rubber bushings requiring no lubrication. Torque box bushings are designed for long life.
  • Reduced Re-torque — Re-torque of the clamp group is reduced because no twisting is applied to the clamp group.