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HAS™ Single-Axle

Single-Axle Rear Air Suspension

The durable construction of Hendrickson's HAS™ rear air suspension improves handling characteristics and reduces scheduled maintenance. Large-volume air springs and premium shocks absorbers provide a softer ride and greater protection from the effects of road shock on the chassis, equipment, drivers and passengers. Designed for multiple applications including P & D, beverage, fire rescue, recycling vehicles, sweepers, tanker tractors, RVs, on-highway vans, school buses and commercial bus applications.


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Superior Ride

  • Shock absorbers tuned for optimum damping characteristics to provide maximum driving comfort.
  • Air springs adjust to changing load conditions to deliver superb ride quality.
  • Extended-length main support member generates lower spring rate for optimized roll stiffness, providing a more comfortable and compliant ride.

Exceptional Stability & Handling

  • Main support members provides neutral roll steer for better handling.
  • Durable ULTRA ROD® enhances handling during cornering by controlling lateral forces to maintain axle position.

Reduced Maintenance

  • Durable pivot bushing connection provides quite operation and helps extend suspension service life.