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Sales and Marketing Questions

1. How is TIREMAAX® PRO different from TIREMAAX CP Integrated? 2. Why do I need relief control? 3. Since TIREMAAX PRO can relieve tire pressure, what safeguards are in place to keep tires from losing pressure if the system has a malfunction? The current TIREMAAX CP has check valves in each tire hose to keep a flat tire from draining an inflated tire. How is this accomplished in TIREMAAX PRO? 4. When TIREMAAX PRO relieves pressure, what tire pressure does PRO relieve to? 5. Can TIREMAAX PRO be used with both oil and grease hubs? 6. Will the hubcaps be sold via Hendrickson distribution only and not by the manufacturer? 7. Does Hendrickson have a recommended stocking list for TIREMAAX PRO components? 8. How long will the current rotary union be available? 9. What is my warranty on TIREMAAX® PRO compared to CP? What will the warranty be for the PRO system? Can I order PRO with an extended service wheel end package like HLS? 10. How do I justify the cost? 11. Is there a comparative cost saving table end user can follow up to achieve benefits of TIS? Does Hendrickson have an ROI calculator for TIREMAAX PRO? 12. What are component costs on TIREMAAX® PRO compared to CP (e.g. hubcap assembly, rotary union and controller)? 13. How do I specify TIREMAAX PRO for my trailer?

Compatibility Questions

14. What are the options for tractor tire positions, if any? 15. Can I convert (retrofit) my existing tire inflation system (TIS) to the new TIREMAAX PRO system? Can I convert TIREMAAX CP to TIREMAAX PRO? Are any TIREMAAX CP or EC components compatible with TIREMAAX PRO? Which ones? 16. How do the hubcaps from CP and TIREMAAX PRO differ? 17. Is there a kit to convert TIREMAAX EC to CP Integrated or PRO? A kit to convert TIREMAAX CP to CP Integrated or PRO? 18. If I have a rotary union failure, will the new integrated hubcap and rotary union be used in place of the current style? 19. Can the new rotary union be used on one wheel end without changing both rotary unions on the same axle? 20. Can TIREMAAX® CP Integrated and TIREMAAX PRO be used on TRLAXLE® trailer axles? 21. Can TIREMAAX CP Integrated or TIREMAAX PRO be used on other axles besides Hendrickson? (Meritor, Rockwell) etc.?

Application Questions

22. Do tires still need to be clocked relative to the hubcap when installed? 23. Is TIREMAAX CP Integrated and PRO tolerant of air system additives? 24. How sensitive are TIREMAAX CP Integrated and PRO to system contaminates (rust, dirt, oil, etc…)? 25. Can I change my tire pressure setting on the controller out in the field? If so, how do I do it? 26. How far apart do I have to set my target (supply) pressure and (exhaust) pressure? For example, if I set my target pressure at 100 psi, what is my exhaust pressure (105, 110,115)? 27. What is the recommended procedure to bleed down tires when the air pressure is reset to a lower pressure? 28. What is the maximum and lowest pressure setting available? Is the pressure still specified in 5 psi increments? What is the maximum pressure the system can be set at? 29. Will we be offering air pressure adjustment tools for purchase by customers? 30. What is the set pressure of the system when not specified? 31. Why are tire sizes 22.5” and 24.5” listed separately on the TIREMAAX Ordering Guide? 32. Is there a way to know the best pressure to inflate a tire? As an example, cars have a sticker for the appropriate pressure, but how can we be sure that the customer is selecting the correct pressure for their tires?

Technical Questions

33. How does the system integrate with the tire and trailer air supply? 34. What are the maintenance requirements of tire inflation systems? How many components are there and what needs to be monitored or replaced periodically? 35. How do sensors integrate with the vehicle and air system to know when a tire is properly inflated, and how do they add air when levels fall? (Do they also release air when a tire is over-inflated?) 36. How long does it take to install TIREMAAX PRO? 37. Does the TIREMAAX PRO have a blink code fault system like the EC system? 38. How do I test for leaks in the system? 39. How can I diagnose valve/rotary union issues? 40. How do I check tire pressure to ensure the system is working properly? If the process is automated, is the driver alerted as well? 41. With today’s tire inflation systems, I have to periodically check my tire pressure. Will I still have to perform these checks with the TIREMAAX PRO system? 42. Can an air pressure gauge be installed on the delivery side of the control box to see what my air pressure is at all times? 43. If I lose a TIREMAAX PRO tire hose, can I use a CP tire hose? Are TIREMAAX CP hoses compatible with the TIREMAAX PRO system? 44. Can the TIREMAAX PRO system be shut off? How? 45. Since so many parts are incorporated into the hubcap, can it be repaired rather than just replaced? What components of the TIREMAAX® CP Integrated and TIREMAAX PRO hubcap are serviceable? 46. Is there a way to check the hubcap for proper functionality without installing it (bench test)? 47. What components on the TIREMAAX CP Integrated or TIREMAAX PRO controller are serviceable?


48. What information is contained in T51002 TIREMAAX CP Integrated and PRO installation, service and troubleshooting?