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10K Single Axle Rear Suspension

The COMFORT AIR® 10K rear air suspension is designed and manufactured specifically for the cut away and specialty vehicle market. Available at a 10,000 lbs. capacity rating, COMFORT AIR offers a kneeling feature with minimal forward roll while maintaining stability and driver handling. Air springs and shocks work together to adjust to changing road conditions, providing passengers with a comfortable ride.


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Superior Handling Characteristics

  • Optimized configuration provides improved driver feel for increased handling and confidence when performing maneuvers.

Excellent Ground Clearance

  • 8.2"in. at typical ride height
  • 8.3"in. at jounce

Air Springs

  • Enhance passenger comfort
  • Positioned near the axle to transfer more load to the air spring and allow for smoother ride
  • Less twist induced on axle from main support spring


  • Positioned and tuned for optimum damping characteristics

Main Support Members

  • Longer front limb length transfers less loads through the frame connection and reduces fatigue
  • Designed to reduce roll forward during kneeling operation <1.5"in.
  • Designed to achieve 3.5"in. of kneel

Genuine Hendrickson Torque Rods

  • Optimized configuration helps improve handling and roll stiffness
  • Control lateral forces to maintain axle position
  • Enhance handling during cornering

Structural Components

  • Provides over 8.2"in. ground clearance

Rubber Bushings

  • Reduces maintenance and front end noise
  • Requires no lubrication