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High-Performance Air System for Truck Cranes

Hendrickson's HPAS™ is designed for flexibility and performance for today's economically minded customers. The HPAS replaces traditional coil springs, air bags and damper technology while increasing performance in to one package. Our comprehensive offering includes Air Struts and a customizable ride height control system including manual or remote control. The HPAS can reduce suspension weight by up to 50 percent over systems with conventional coil springs and dampers, while providing a 60 percent packaging OD reduction over traditional air struts and air bags. The reduced packaging size allows for suspension resets for increased capacity, large tires and increased protection. Overall design enhances vehicle performance, durability, roll stability and ride quality. The HPAS is your pass to handling, durability and stability in today's challenging environment.


Sales Literature

Suspension System Benefits / Capabilities

  • Complete ride height with spring damper control system
  • Reduced packaging size
  • Debris and environmental resistance
  • Improves vehicle handling
  • Increases roll stability
  • Easy vehicle retrofit packages
  • Provides raising and lowering capability
  • Multiple ride height capability
  • Adaptable to multiple axle combinations
  • Adaptable to multiple load range requirements, increasing payload capability while maintaining ride quality at all load ranges

System Performance

  • Intelligent ride height control system that maintains desired position
  • Low power system available in 12V and 24V
  • Multiple ride height positions - Full kneel, on-road and off road