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High Capacity Fabricated Rear Air Suspension for Truck Crane Applications

ROADMAAX® is designed specifically for the truck crane market with ride quality and equipment protection being its cornerstone features. The suspension delivers enhanced stability, handling and ride quality even in the most challenging environments where vehicles encounter challenging maneuvers and unexpected ground and environmental conditions. The integration of Hendrickson’s proven main support member spring technology, with its wide stance air springs, provides a balance of predictable handling and ride quality even in the most demanding environments.


Sales Literature

Reduced Maintenance

  • Durable pivot bushing connection provides quiet operation and helps extend suspension service life
  • Rubber bushings require no lubrication
  • Reduced road shock and vibration to vehicle extends service life of cab, chassis and body equipment

Exceptional Stability and Handling

  • Front portion of springs and axle form box-shaped geometry for additional stability and handling
  • Wide stance air springs provide increased roll stability and predictable handling

Superior Ride

  • Extended-length main support member generates lower spring rate for optimized roll stiffness, providing a more comfortable and compliant ride