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HN FR Suspension 42-48K

Available exclusively to the fire and rescue industry, the HN® FR suspension system utilizes a VariRate® spring system to provide the perfect balance of empty ride quality and loaded stability. Its diagonally mounted rubber bolster springs act in compression and sheer to deliver superior ride quality by dissipating road shock, while its extra wide spring centers and auxiliary springs provide outstanding stability under challenging conditions.


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  • The VariRate spring system offers a combination of superior stability, articulation, and ride
  • Lightweight, diagonally-mounted rubber bolster springs deliver a smooth ride and outstanding articulation
  • Auxiliary springs engage to provide added stability for more demanding applications
  • The HN FR family of suspensions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of unique vehicle applications
  • Weight-saving, high-strength design increases carrying capacity and durability
  • Shock absorbers are specially tuned to reduce wheel hop and enhance ride quality and handling
  • Equalizing (walking) beams distribute load equally between both axles for improved traction
  • No lubrication requirements and elimination of center bushings make the HN FR Series virtually maintenance-free
  • Bar pin beam end connection helps extend bushing life and allows axle alignment capability for increased tire life
  • Genuine Hendrickson torque rods enhance handling during braking and cornering