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SS-Air Beam Spring

Air Beam

Hendrickson’s proprietary heavy-section material and forming experience gave birth to innovative solutions for the popular air ride suspensions in demand today. Years of product research and development have resulted in efficient suspension main support members that provide excellent ride without sacrificing handling.


Sales Literature

Hendrickson’s unique manufacturing technology revolutionized leaf spring performance. This proprietary technology allowed Hendrickson engineers to produce more efficient springs that reduce weight and improve ride performance and durability. Hendrickson rapidly advanced this technology, providing spring designs that reduce weight by as much as 70 percent over conventional multi-leaf (flat) springs. Today, Hendrickson has further advanced the “state-of-the-art” with additional weight and cost reductions, while taking another step forward in increasing strength and spring life.

Our advanced products provide weight savings by reducing the number of spring leaves. The following benefits are the result
of reduced leaves:

  • Reduced spring interleaf friction
  • Reduced dynamic hysteresis effects
  • Advanced materials developed by Hendrickson maintain
  • spring rate without degrading vehicle performance
  • Decreased overall assembly weight
  • Cost effective design for high value-to-weight ratio