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15-23K COMFORT AIR® - Protect What Matters


A bus suspension from Hendrickson...

Protection … everyone’s looking to protect something … Your car, your phone, your 401K.   When it comes to protecting what matters…Hendrickson has the solution.
Meet COMFORT AIR, a suspension system designed specifically for bus applications.
But how does a suspension protect a bus?  Survey says ……. Vehicle Safety…Passenger Comfort… Extended Life
The unique suspension geometry gives the driver maximum control for safe and predictable handling.
Air springs and shock absorbers work together to adjust to changing road conditions providing the passengers a comfortable ride.  
Damaging vibration to the bus chassis and body are reduced, leading to extending life and lowering maintenance.  
Exceptional Handling, Superior Ride Quality, Extended Life…
Protect What Matters…With COMFORT AIR from Hendrickson