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Air Controls

Hendrickson offers many manual and automatic controls to exhaust air suspensions, various air and electric-over-air liftable controls, as well as height control and pressure protection valves. Our engineering staff includes personnel with air cont...Read More

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Air Springs

Choosing an air spring other than the original can alter the performance of a suspension. Variations in internal bumpers and flexmember bias can affect how much weight is carried by a given amount of air, which could mean a front axle in a tandem wei...Read More

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Hendrickson lift axles include our manufactured beam assemblies which are backed by a 5 year replacement warranty.

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High strength steel hangers are engineered for maximum durability in the most severe applications. Imitation hangers may fit some suspensions, but they will not have the material enhancements and manufacturing expertise that Hendrickson brings to ...Read More

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Pivot Connections

Hendrickson offers two different pivot connection systems: QUIK-ALIGN® and a welded collar. QUIK-ALIGN simplifies axle alignment and uses a specially designed shear-type bolt combined with eccentric and concentric alignment collars. The welded co...Read More

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Shocks help limit the downward travel of air suspension. Hendrickson selects shocks with specific strokes, seal designs, bore diameters, and damping characteristics which enhance the performance of the other components and minimize the stress absorbe...Read More

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Tie Rod Assembly

Hendrickson previously offered the industry standard tubular tie rod assembly which has been replaced by a more resilient, impact resistant compliant tie rod assembly. The new technology is designed to help lower maintenance costs and increase upt...Read More

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