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Supplier Account Management

Supplier Login Password Management

loginOur Supplier Portal and CIPP require supplier login. Existing Suppliers to Hendrickson/Watson & Chalin may request one of the following:

  • New User Access (Username and Password)
  • Username Reminder
  • Reset Password

The following information is required for Supplier account management:

  • Supplier Name
  • Vendor Number as assigned by Hendrickson/Watson & Chalin
  • The Hendrickson/Watson & Chalin Division Name associated with this account
  • The Hendrickson/Watson & Chalin Shipping Location associated with this account
  • Type of Request (New Account Setup, Username Reminder, or Reset Password)

Please note that additional verification may be required.

Submit Account Request

Please note that an account can only be generated for a current supplier with an established account at a Hendrickson/Watson & Chalin Division. Requests will only be processed for current suppliers. If you are not a current provider, but are interested in becoming a supplier to Hendrickson/Watson & Chalin, please click here to submit a Supplier Application Form.