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HTB® Mechanical

Non-torque Reactive Rear Mechanical Suspension

Hendrickson's lightweight, non-torque reactive HTB® rear mechanical suspension system combines excellent ride and stability with reduced weight and scheduled maintenance. The parallelogram design controls suspension windup and corresponding frame rise, while reducing suspension induced driveline vibration for extended driveline component life and passenger comfort.


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Superior Ride

  • Large coil springs cushion the entire load for superb ride.
  • Integrated jounce bumpers enhance a smooth and comfortable ride.

Exceptional Stability & Handling

  • Patented, maintenance-free torque box system improves multi-axial stability and control.

Reduced Weight

  • Highly efficient and lightweight design.

Non-torque Reactive System

  • Unique parallelogram geometry eliminates frame rise and helps reduce suspension-induced driveline vibration.
  • Pinion angle remains constant even with changes in ride height.