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Front Air Suspension

With 100% of load carried on heavy-duty air springs, PARASTEER provides premium passenger and driver comfort, exceptional stability and handling, and low maintenance. Compatible with both front and rear-engine school and commercial buses, PARASTEER’s simplicity of design and heavy-duty bushings eliminate lubrication requirements and provide exceptional durability.


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Premium Ride

  • Parallelogram design positions front-axle load directly over the heavy-duty air springs for premium passenger and driver comfort, and excellent equipment protection
  • Shock absorbers are tuned for optimum damping to further enhance ride quality

Exceptional Stability and Handling

  • Dual height control valves (HCVs) react quickly to maintain proper ride height for shifting or unequal loads
  • Four-bar linkage design maintains correct steering geometry under all conditions, minimizing steering error caused by rough road, hard cornering, and braking resulting in more precise and accurate control for the driver
  • Transverse leaf provides excellent lateral stability and roll stiffness

Low Maintenance

  • Oversized, heavy-duty bushings require no lubrication, making PARASTEER completely maintenance-free.