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For Roll-Off Applications

Hendrickson introduces the COMPOSILITE® SCO for roll-off applications. The popular COMPOSILITE family has grown and is now available in 13,500 to 20,000 pound capacities. The SCO Series fits flat to the frame to give maximum clearance from cylinder beams, attachments and sliding components. Scalloped hangers aid in the clearance around
roll-off cylinders.

The ride springs and parallelogram components are positioned inside of the frame rails. Beams are spaced inboard one-inch for additional clearance, and unique air-spring plates mount to the inside of the frame rail.


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Scalloped Hanger

  • Improves clearance around the cylinder

Air-spring Plate

  • Mounts inside the frame rail

Parallelogram Beams

  • Spaced inboard one inch for extra cylinder clearance and to ensure lift plates remain parallel for longer air-spring life

Inboard-mounted Ride Springs

  • Provide additional clearance from the cylinder