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High Capacity Rear Air Suspension for Fire and Rescue

Extended Warranty Overview

Product Profile

Warranty Rates

Term (Unlimited Miles) Axles Direct Pricing (USD)
OE Base 1 Year + 1 Year Single $340
OE Base 1 Year + 1 Year Tandem $600
OE Base 1 Year + 2 Years Single $455
OE Base 1 Year + 2 Years Tandem $775
Purchase Claim Procedure Terms and Conditions

SRT - Standard Repair Time

Parts Standard Repair Times
Coverage Under Extended Warranty
Main Support Member Assembly 1.5 Hours per Assembly
Frame Hanger 1 Hour per Hanger
Cross Channel 1 Hour per Cross Channel
Clamp Group (top pad and/or bottom cap) 1.5 Hours per side
QUIK-ALIGN Bushing 0.25 Hour per Bushing  
Air Spring One Hour per Air Spring  
Height Control Valve One - 0.75 hours  
Shock Absorber 0.5 Hour per Shock Absorber  
Transverse Torque Rod 1.5 Hours per Torque Rod  
Longitudinal Torque Rod 1 Hour per Torque Rod  
U-bolts 1 Hour per Set