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High Capacity Rear Air Suspension for Fire and Rescue

ROADMAAX® is designed specifically for heavy-duty fire and rescue markets with ride quality and equipment protection being its cornerstone features. The suspension delivers enhanced stability, handling and ride quality even in the most challenging environments where vehicles encounter sharp turns and unexpected ground and environmental conditions. The integration of Hendrickson’s proven main support member spring technology, with its wide stance air springs, provides a balance of predictable handling and ride quality even in the most demanding environments.


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Superior Ride

  • The main support members extended-length generates lower spring rate for optimized roll stiffness providing a more comfortable and compliant ride
  • Longer main support member allows the air springs to carry more of the vertical load
  • Shocks are tuned for optimum damping characteristics to provide maximum driving comfort
  • Air springs adjust to changing load conditions to deliver superb ride quality
  • Fast acting height control valves maintain precise ride height control through changing road surfaces, loads and driving conditions

Exceptional Stability and Handling

  • Durable Hendrickson torque rods enhance handling during cornering by controlling lateral forces to maintain axle position
  • The main support member is efficiently designed to provide neutral roll steer for better handling

Reduced Maintenance

  • Wide footprint of the frame hanger bracket distributes load over a larger area for reduced frame stress
  • Fabricated heavy-duty torque rods provide greater durability over conventional rods