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Next Generation Heavy-duty Rubber Suspension

Extended Warranty Overview

Product Profile

Warranty Rates

Term (Unlimited Miles) Direct Pricing (USD)
OE Base 1 Year + 1 Year $450
OE Base 1 Year + 2 Years $810
Purchase Claim Procedure Terms and Conditions

SRT - Standard Repair Time

Parts Standard Repair Times
Coverage Under Extended Warranty
Progressive Load Spring (PLS)  0.75 Hours per Load Spring Parts Only
Bar Pin End Bushings 4.5 Hours per Beam
Bolster Springs 1 Hour - 4 Bolsters on one Beam
Frame Hanger 1.5 Hours
Frame Saddle 1.5 Hours
Equalizing Beams with Saddle  3 Hours 
Shock Absorbers
(if equipped)
0.5 Hours per Shock  
Transverse Torque Rod 1.5 Hours per Torque Rod  
Longitudinal Torque Rod 1.5 Hours per Torque Rod