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Auxiliary > Truck Steerable Lift Axle > COMPOSILITE SCT20


Steerable Suspension System

  • Adjustable frame width and ride height allow for stocking of one suspension to meet several different needs.
  • Fabricated knuckle and integrated brake reduce overall weight of suspension and allow for Ackermann customization.
  • CTR Technology is designed to lower maintenance costs and increase uptime by providing a resilientimpact resistant tie-rod assembly.
  • Optimized linear damper eliminates coil spring and improves service life.
  • Single lift spring design provides greater maneuverability and improved performance
  • Parallelogram design ensures lift plates remain parallel for longer air spring life while maintaining proper wheel tracking
  • Delivers up to 9 inches of lift and 12 inches of axle travel for excellent ground clearance
  • Simple design and fewer parts translate to easy installation and less maintenance
  • Also available in kit form with no axle