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CONNEX ST Steerable Suspension
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Steerable Suspension System

CONNEX® ST Steerable suspension system combines the proven HT250T with Hendrickson’s innovative steer axle technology and proven UBL™ lift system to deliver a compliant solution that offers maximized operating efficiency. The steerable model is ideal for multi-axle trailer applications requiring compliance with regulatory vehicle weight and dimension laws such as Ontario's SPIF Regulations.

Its versatile design incorporates various track widths and suspension beam center combinations.  These combinations work with (4) factory preset, yet adjustable wheel cut options in combination with dual, wide-based single and super-single tires.

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Model Maximum Capacity (lbs.) Axle Rating1 (lbs.) Axle Diameter
Ride Height (in.) Base Model Weight2
CXST 25K 25,000 25,000 5 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 1,035

1. Axle structure rating only. Brakes, wheels and tires rated separately.

2. Based on 14-inch ride height, wingless, weld-on model with 77.5-inch axle track, basic brake package and UBL kit.  Wheel-ends are not included.

Optional lift mechanism

  • UBL™ Under Beam Lift™ is compatible
  • Bolt-on UBL front bracket (optional with galvanized)

Frame bracket options

  • Weld-on or Bolt-on available (optional with galvanized)

Channel options

  • Weld-on or Bolt-on with struts (optional with galvanized)

16.5 inch × 7 inch drum brakes only (20K or 23K)

  • Type 30 / 30 or Type 30 only chambers available
  • 5.5- or 6-inch slack adjusters

Axle track widths*

  • Most axle tracks available (77.5- thru 86-inch)

Spindle options

  • HP only

Suspension frame bracket and beam spacing*

  •  Various beam centers available

Adjustable wheel cut*

  • Wheel cut adjustability from 20- to 30-degrees

TIREMAAX® tire inflation system options

  • TIREMAAX PRO provides constant pressure with active inflation, relieving and equalizing
  • TIREMAAX CP offers a straightforward solutions for keeping tires inflated

*Availability based on axle track, suspension frame bracket spacing,
                        wheel cut and tire size combinations.