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High Capacity Fabricated Front Steer Axle System

Advanced Suspension Integration

  • Parabolic springs provide increased wheel travel and lower spring rate for improved ride quality
  • Proprietary threaded pin bushings increase roll stiffness
  • Full system designed for optimal control under heavy braking

Lightweight — up to 170 pounds of weight savings

  • Integration of Hendrickson spring and axle technology saves weight over forged I-beam axles with multi-leaf springs

Rigid Axle Beam

  • Box shaped cross section resists horizontal, vertical and twisting forces more effectively than I-beam axles
  • Continuous beam architecture minimizes stress points for added durability

Passive Hydraulic Damper

  • Custom tuned and specifically developed for parabolic leaf springs to achieve the ultimate in ride and handling 

Progressive Rate Bump Stop

  • Handles high dynamic loads without harshness 

Brake Compatibility

  • Compatible with drum or disc brakes