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INTRAAX® Extreme Duty
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AAEDT 30K/AAEDL 30K Extreme Duty

To meet the grueling demands of logging, forestry, mining and construction operations, Hendrickson designed the INTRAAX Extreme-Duty (ED) system. Available in both top-mount and low ride height/liftable models, this INTRAAX system delivers the first integrated 30,000-lb. structural-and-axle-capacity system for severe-duty and heavy-hauling operations.

Rugged features of the INTRAAX Extreme-Duty system include low-pressure air springs with steel pistons and full bottom plate coverage; high-damping, extended-service shock absorbers; newly-designed, heavy-duty TRI-FUNCTIONAL® Bushings, and a 30,000-pound capacity axle. Heavy-duty options include rear-mount shock absorbers and chain down-stops for maximum suspension damping and control. Approved for loggers, chip vans, dumps, tankers, straight- and drop-deck platforms and specialty trailers.

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New Model Reference
Old Model Reference
Capacity (LBS.)
Axle Rating1(LBS.) Ride Height2 (IN.) Base Model Weight
AAEDT 30K AA300EDT 30K 30K 14, 15, 16, 17 682
AAEDL 30K AA300EDL 30K 30K 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 662

1. Axle structure rating only. Brakes, wheels and tires rated separately.

2. Suspension ride heights must be set within Hendrickson specifications in order to provide load equalization among axles and to ensure proper suspension performance. Failure to maintain proper ride height settings can lead to suspension, axle or trailer damage.